Gone to the Dogs

Aerial Innovations of TN has gone to the dogs!  We’ll be spending the next three days at the Franklin Ag Expo shooting for Pedigree’s “Denture your Dog” Campaign.  Not aerials?? Not a bit…but it pays the bills…and is a great change of pace (and we don’t care about the weather!)  Dog owners who are at the show can have their dog professionally photographed by us and then the magic happens…denturing! Just a little photoshop work and voila!  It’s been fun to see all the different breeds and the amused looks on the dog’s faces once they get dentured.

Stay tuned…we’ll also be at the Louisville Cluster Show next weekend….below are some photos from today..click here to see all the doggy patients.  Woof!


Road Trip, Summer 09′!

Where in the world are we??

Are we there yet???

Summer was made for road trips and this summer we hit the road!  The girls from Tennessee were seen in over 11 states from north & south to way out west.

Coral kicked back with Todd’s family in Ocean City Maryland..ohhh…the crabs!  And played surfer girl-friend in NYC, stopping off for some fine art at MOMA.

Deanna had a week long road trip from TN to SC back to KY.  They started at the Biltmore (Brady can build that!), built sandcastles in South Carolina (need an aerial, Eden??) and finished up in Kentucky with a belated wedding reception.

Lindsay did the western thing and brought back the most beautiful images by far (our budding photographer!) Starting in Boulder, she made her way through the Rocky Mountains, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and stopped for beers on the shores of Lake Powell.

Rachel and Robert headed to the outerbanks for some bike riding through Okracoke and past the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse…dogs included!

Phew…we’re almost done! just one more trip to go…

Wendy celebrated the fourth in Pittsburgh with family and a New England style clambake…the lobsters were divine.  Later in the summer, the photo girls from Atlanta headed down to Gulfport and Biloxi.  Everyone came back a winner (well…almost….).  With one last hurrah this summer, she’ll be heading out to Bald Head, NC for a family reunion…no hurricanes!!!

Hope y’all had a great summer, too. Check out the photos and stay tuned!

The Girls of AI Tenn

Wendy, Rachel, Coral, Deanna & Lindsay.

They Grow Up So Fast!

On Tuesday, Aerial Innovations Tampa celebrated its 22nd anniversary!  In the past, Colette has taken all of us to a nice restaurant to celebrate anniversaries.  But this year, to celebrate in an economically friendly way, Colette organized a “Recession Lunch” at the office for the A.I. crew.  For a week no one knew what exactly was going on – she was being very sneaky.  We knew there was going to be a big group lunch;  we had to bring in one place-setting from our homes for the table and 12 placemats were made at Kinko’s of the spring photo-contest winners’ images.  Monday afternoon, the day before the lunch, Colette asked us all to bring in fresh flowers from our gardens for the table.  Aside from that, we were kept in the dark.

Tuesday morning the conference room was magically transformed into a colorful and eclectic banquet hall.  Each place-setting was different, the cloth napkins were folded and arranged, flowers lined the center of the table.  Oh, yeah, and the professional chefs were setting up in the back office.

Greg and Michelle Baker of Cooks & Company created a gourmet meal with arugula salad, steak or salmon with asparagus and gnocchi, and a special chocolate cinnamon mousse with a toffee bar and strawberry.  Champagne and fruit-infused iced tea was also on the table.

Greg and Michelle prepared everything in our tiny back office while stepping over the all-too-curious office dogs, Leica and Sky.  Greg grilled everything on our ancient Webber grill that has been in the backyard forever and Michelle served everyone in the conference/banquet room while, of course, stepping over dogs.  Working in close-quarters with only a charcoal grill, they prepared the most amazing meal.

Aside from being gourmet chefs, Greg and Michelle are also food critics.  They were so impressed with how everything came together that they are going to feature our little “Recession Lunch” in their next article for the local newspaper.  Congratulations Aerial Innovations!!!

A Little Sad Note

Sheri and Izod 2007

Sheri and Izod 2007

This is Sheri and Izod last Christmas. Izod has been Sheri’s co-pilot for 17 years. Although he didn’t actually fly, when the office was in her home, he and his sidekick Alex were there. (We lost Alex a couple years ago).
At Hardee Avenue Izod would come visit often. Recently because of his failing health he would be here almost daily. Sheri and Ken had to let him go on Saturday, Nov. 22. He will be deeply missed around the office and in our hearts.

Aerial Innovations of Georgia Covered!

apm_ganovdec08_cover2Aerial Innovations of Georgia is excited to have the cover shot of Auto Pilot magazine for the Georgia November/December issue. The photograph features our pilot Ron Carroll and Sonny Perdue, the Governer of Georgia.

We also have additional photos accompanying the feature story about Ron and his company, Blue Ridge Helicopters. There is a double spread photo of Ron and Sadie, his Blue Heeler Australian Caddle dog……..We believe she stole the show!! Check it out if you get a chance.

Ron and Sadie

Ron and Sadie




The addition of Sky

There is someone new around the office at Aerial Innovations Tampa and she is….Sky, a beautiful Australian Shepherd puppy to keep the original herder, Leica, company. Welcome to this craziness Sky – try to keep your nose clean!