Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Chruch

Aerial Innovations of Georgia, Inc. would like to thank Benjamin C. Ridgeway for including our aerial photographs in his book documenting the history of  Ebenezer Baptist Church. Ebenezer (Stone of Help) was founded in 1886 in the old Fourth Ward of Atlanta. Michael Luther King moved to Atlanta from Stockbridge, Georgia in 1918, began his three-year minister’s degree program at the Morehouse School of Religion in 1926. He married Alberta Williams that same year at Ebenezer Church. After being assistant pastor from 1927 to 1930 he assumed the duties of pastor in 1931. Reverend King, Sr. changed his name from Michael Luther King to Martin Luther King Sr. after his fathers death in 1933.  In 1960, Martin Luther King Jr. became the first co-pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Horizon Sanctuary at Ebenezer Baptist Church

Horizon Sanctuary at Ebenezer Baptist Church

The Atlanta architectural firm of Stanley, Love-Stanley was chosen to design the Horizon Sanctuary. It is modeled after an African tribal meeting hut. The roof ribbing is reminiscent of African thatch. The bell tower is a weave and glyph patterned obelisk. Placement of the Horizon Sanctuary on Auburn Avenue emphases Ebenezer’s strong commitment to its urban mission as a becon of hope for all citizens of Metro Atlanta.

Copies of the ‘Images of Americia, Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church’ can be obtained from Arcadia Publishing and is in the Library of Congress (control # 2009923608)

The Airport Exhibit is Up!

Have you seen the show?  Let us know what you think:

Comments about Arts at the Airport Exhibit

The Nashville International Airport has just installed their latest exhibit, “Aerial Innovations” in the C Concourse Food Court.  The images are by Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc. photographers of Nashville, Middle Tennessee and the Icon Project.  There is also a wall of our favorite Aerial Abstracts.

We began this morning with a last minute dash to Dury’s Framing to replace a wire hangar with d-rings (always something last minute!) then off to the airport to drop off.  The Marty Stuart Exhibit was going out and we were coming in.  The hanging crew worked fast!  Many thanks to Dawson, Duncan and Mike for making it happen.  And upstairs at the airport, Karen was printing the signage…they look great, too.  Caroline and Wendy supervised, made a few changes but for the most part, all went as planned.

If you are traveling through Nashville in the next year, come by and check it out!  Show will be up until July 2010.

Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.

Arts at the Airport

Spring is Too Much Fun!

Spring Fever is here in Tennessee, which usually means allergies!  To help with that cabin fever, we have been hitting the road, getting out to meet clients, going bowling and flying, flying , flying.  It is so nice to see green again (in the trees at least!)  Below are a few of our adventures, some spring shots, Lindsay and Wendy in Knoxville and the Fly Girls at the NAIOP First Annual Bowling Challenge (hey, we can’t golf, fish or shoot but we can drink beer and bowl…enjoy!)

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