True Drone Costs

Is buying a drone for your project or company a true cost saving measure. Yes….and no, well, it depends. You want to account for it correctly and weigh the options, then you will make an informed decision. We’ve heard you can end up throwing a lot of money in the sky if you are not careful!

Owner and Flight Commander Wendy Whittemore explains how costs can add up quickly with drone operations.


Lost on Google Earth

In our business, we spend a lot of time on Google Earth. It provides us with detailed location information, we can print maps and we use the KMZ file system to archive our aerial shots. We love Google Earth…even though there was speculation it would cut into our business, it has actually helped us thrive.

With all of this time cruising around satellite images, I have started to notice some very cool imagery. One that caught my eye was the formation of a bill fish in Humphreys County, TN on the Kentucky River. ┬áThe curve in the river looks just like a game fish hanging on the dock. So much so, that when I talk about that area..I call it The Game Fish. (No one ever knows what I am talking about… as usual.)

After spying the fish, I started cruising around other places on earth. Starting in Tennessee and winding up somewhere in Russia the first time! There are some amazing earth & water formations that could only be captured from above. So if you have an hour or so, get lost in Google Earth…you never know what you’ll find! I screen captured some images below including The Game Fish…see if you can spot it!

Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander – Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.