11 Years Flying High!

Next Friday, June 6 is an important date here at Aerial Innovations of TN & KY. That was the day we set up shop in Nashville, TN in 2003. Can’t believe it’s been 11 years already!! And we pale in comparison to the longevity of our sister companies in Florida and Georgia (from whom we learned EVERYTHING!!).  All of us celebrate our “birthdays” in the spring,  Tampa turned 27 on May 9th. Click the link below to view images from their celebration:

Aerial Innovations of FL, Tampa Turns 27!

In Georgia, Sheri and the gang celebrated 23 years with a few blasts from the past, check out this opening day photo from the GA Dome:

Aerial Innovations of GA Turns 23!

So, we are just babies here in TN & KY, but we still know how to have fun. We have gathered some of our favorite “AI in Action” shots to share. View the link below to see what a day in the life of the best job in the world is like:

Aerial Innovations of TN & KY Turns 11!

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Eight-Year-Olds Are Tough!

So on Tuesday our VP, Julie, came in with a horror story of how her eight-year-old son, Jared, cracked his head on the edge of the sidewalk the night before while playing tackle football in the neighborhood.  Doing what head-wounds do, blood was pouring down his head and back while a neighborhood dad tried to stop it with a handful of gauze.  Julie took Jared to the emergency room where he received five staples to close it up.  And um, yeah, with no local anesthesia.  He later said that the first two didn’t hurt too bad, but he cried during the last three.  It’s OK though, he’s a tough little guy. 

Of course, being the creative photographers that we are, we couldn’t pass up a photo-op.  When Julie picked Jared up from school the next day we did a nice close-up shot of the staples – gore and all.

To make him feel better we decided to make him a special present.  We thought he could use a motivational poster to commemorate the event.  You know, just in case the scar wasn’t going to be enough of a memory.

We heard he liked it so much that he took it around with him and showed all his friends and neighbors.  Go Jared!!!

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Goats

Happy Holidays from the Aerial Innovations Tampa Crew! We’re busy little fly-elves this season. We had a photo contest to design our Holiday card and Tacy Briggs won first place. Coming in a close second is Amanda Rigby and Jenny Brockwell who tied. Tacy’s image became our card. We made laser copies of Amanda’s and Jenny B’s photos and they are being sent out with all the December projects.

Instead of giving out candy this year, we’re “going green” and delivering festive bags of tangerines and red and green apples to our local clients. We don’t want any tooth-aches for the Holidays!

Instead of giving gifts to each other in the office, we’re giving the gift of a goat to a needy family in a poor country. We collected money in our office and are donating it to Heifer International, a charitable organization that purchases farm animals such as goats, sheep, ducks, cows, llamas, rabbits and chickens. They give them to families in need who then use their milk, eggs, wool or meat. Please stop by www.heifer.org to see what a wonderful organization this is!

Happy Holidays from Aerial Innovations, Tampa!