The Story Behind the Photo

Every picture tells a story…and sometimes the story behind the photo can be just as fascinating . We love to share the stories of how we got the images because that is our motivation. We love scouting out a location, figuring what the best time of day is and how to get the best angle. The image below has created a lot of buzz in our office so we thought we’d share the story behind the photo.

The client hired us to capture their newly expanded water treatment facility on the Cumberland River. The choice to shoot at twilight was made by our client and we suggested to shoot with a drone to capture the water, setting sun and the facility from an interesting perspective. The sky was ordered about 2 weeks ahead of time and came in just like we wanted….ok, that was a joke, we can’t order a beautiful sky. But in this image, we could not have asked for a better sunset.


The image was shot in 3 sections and then stitched together in Photoshop in order to show the facility and the river in one image. The exposure of 1/5 sec gave some smoothness to the water and by keeping the ISO under 500 we had a very clean image to work with. The gimbals on the camera attached to the drone made it possible to shoot at such a slow shutter speed and keep it sharp.

Let us know what you think about the image….we look forward to sharing more stories behind our photographs!


Image Review

Did you know that every quarter, the photographers at Aerial Innovations of TN & KY get together to review the past three months of images? We call this our Image Review and we look at everything; the good, the bad and the “not so pretty” (Hey, are we going to tell you we take ugly photos? No way!). This is a great team building exercise for us and provides a lot of benefits for our clients including:

  • Quality Control – We see what we do right and try and emulate that.
  • Issue Avoidance – New photographers not quite getting it? They will now!
  • Client Preferences – We talk a lot about each client and what they prefer
  • Ohhs and Ahhs – Yes, we like looking at our photos as much as you!

Below is a photo of our team hard at work reviewing the last three months of images. To see some of our favorites from that time period, visit this link to our 2014 Best of Gallery. Why wait until the end of the year? Happy Viewing!

Aerial Innovations photographers hard at work!

Aerial Innovations photographers hard at work!

Fun in the Smokies

Summer is not summer with out a road trip! Last week, Wendy and Lindsay hit the road to attend the 2012 ABC Southern Construction Expo in the Smokies held at the Wilderness in the Smokies Lodge (hint, this is the one with all of the huge waterslides!) It was a lot of fun to catch up with friends and clients, shoot some golf (with cameras of course), attend the BBQ…and yes, go down a few waterslides. We also caught up with one of our pilots from Memphis who took us on a  helicopter ride in the Long Ranger…quite a treat!

Other highlights include Lindsay going up on a 120ft lift (yikes!) , Wendy driving some sort of construction equipment (hey, if it doesn’t fly what do we know??) and Lindsay checking out something that looks like a camera (again…what do we know??)  Here are a few photos from our excursion. To see more images from the conference click here.

Gone to the Dogs

Aerial Innovations of TN has gone to the dogs!  We’ll be spending the next three days at the Franklin Ag Expo shooting for Pedigree’s “Denture your Dog” Campaign.  Not aerials?? Not a bit…but it pays the bills…and is a great change of pace (and we don’t care about the weather!)  Dog owners who are at the show can have their dog professionally photographed by us and then the magic happens…denturing! Just a little photoshop work and voila!  It’s been fun to see all the different breeds and the amused looks on the dog’s faces once they get dentured.

Stay tuned…we’ll also be at the Louisville Cluster Show next weekend….below are some photos from here to see all the doggy patients.  Woof!