The Story Behind the Photo

Every picture tells a story…and sometimes the story behind the photo can be just as fascinating . We love to share the stories of how we got the images because that is our motivation. We love scouting out a location, figuring what the best time of day is and how to get the best angle. The image below has created a lot of buzz in our office so we thought we’d share the story behind the photo.

The client hired us to capture their newly expanded water treatment facility on the Cumberland River. The choice to shoot at twilight was made by our client and we suggested to shoot with a drone to capture the water, setting sun and the facility from an interesting perspective. The sky was ordered about 2 weeks ahead of time and came in just like we wanted….ok, that was a joke, we can’t order a beautiful sky. But in this image, we could not have asked for a better sunset.


The image was shot in 3 sections and then stitched together in Photoshop in order to show the facility and the river in one image. The exposure of 1/5 sec gave some smoothness to the water and by keeping the ISO under 500 we had a very clean image to work with. The gimbals on the camera attached to the drone made it possible to shoot at such a slow shutter speed and keep it sharp.

Let us know what you think about the image….we look forward to sharing more stories behind our photographs!


Night Fliers

It’s dark, we’re going fast, all landmarks are lost, neon signs from adult stores are the brightest thing on the ground, the gyro is spinning at 24,000 rpms, and the wind is blowing….night time aerial photography…what a rush!

Rachel and Wendy (with fiance Rodger) of Aerial Innovations of TN had the opportunity to shoot Choate Construction’s Rhythm Condominiums during their night time pour as they “topped out” or reached their final elevated pour (to laymen…they reached the roof!). The 14th floor of the 99 unit was poured on the evening of July 24th.  Aerial Innovations is pleased to be working with Choate for the duration of the project which is expected to be completed in early 2009.

Below are a few of the photos from the evening.  In preparation, we begin watching the skies early in the week for the exact time of that perfect color.  Gear has to be very familiar as most of your equipment is in the dark (I knew those darkroom skills would come in handy!).  The conflict has always been to get a low shutter speed to record the low light while still keeping your subject in focus since you are moving. Enter the handheld gyro, it takes a little practice and now with digital, you can check your results right away.

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