Drone Costs: Plane Talk About Drones

Is buying a drone for your project or company a true cost saving measure. Yes….and no, well, it depends. You want to account for it correctly and weigh the options, then you will make an informed decision. We’ve heard you can end up throwing a lot of money in the sky if you are not careful!

Owner and Flight Commander Wendy Whittemore explains how costs can add up quickly with drone operations.

Best Photos of 2012

Towards the end of 2012 & the beginning of 2013, we are busy (like everyone) setting up new files, archiving old ones and also trying to take some time off. When we get a chance, we like to go through our year and remember the projects that we have worked on, the people we have worked with and all of the great vistas that come with the job. Here are a few galleries with those images…looking forward to sharing more in 2013!


Flying is Fun! – link to see more of us in action

UT Computer Lab

UT Computer Lab – link to see other projects

Lake Patterns - link to see more of our Best of 2012

Lake Patterns – link to see more of our Best of 2012

Number Nine

Today marks year number Nine here at Aerial Innovations of Tennessee. We went through our archives and chose one (or two) images from each year to produce a sort of stroll down memory lane. Remember all the WalMarts being built? And Belmont Campus before the beautiful School of Nursing Building went up? And what about that big patch of dirt at the southeast of Memphis International? It finally turned into the Air National Guard compound. There were floods at our airports, new convention centers, new museums, public parks….well, take a look and enjoy the trip…we sure have!

**All photos were taken in June of their respective years (and some are on film (!))

In Order: 2003 – Nashville Stadium and Skyline (before LP!); 2004 – Start of the Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, shot for EMJ; 2005 – Belmont shot for RC Mathews and Public Square shot for Brasfield & Gorrie; 2006 – Memphis Airport TANG project shot for APAC; 2007 – Kentucky area WalMarts shot for DBS (we had about 10 on our flights!); 2008 – One North Shore in Chattanooga; 2009 – Maryville College shot for Messer; 2010 – Louisville’s Yum! Arena shot for Mortenson; 2011 – Dewitt Spain Airport after the flood waters had receded; 2012 – Music City Center shot for Bell/Clark; 2013 – ???

First Ever AI Summit

This past weekend, the founders and owners of the three Aerial Innovations companies (Florida, Georgia & Tennessee/Kentucky) converged in Tampa for the first ever Aerial Innovations Summit. It was so much fun to have all these energetic and talented women in one room…and despite swapping flight stories and fussin’ about hard times, we actually managed to get some work done! There are a lot of exciting things in the works for all three companies…stay tuned as we reach for the sky!

Oh, and it just happened to be Salvador Dali’s birthday so Wendy headed off for a little art before the Summit. Love us some Dali!

Pictured in group photo: L to R: Founder Colette Eddy (FL), Jenny Smith (FL), Julie Palermo-Valdes (FL), President Sheri Christianson (GA), President Wendy Whittemore (TN/KY)

They Grow Up So Fast!

On Tuesday, Aerial Innovations Tampa celebrated its 22nd anniversary!  In the past, Colette has taken all of us to a nice restaurant to celebrate anniversaries.  But this year, to celebrate in an economically friendly way, Colette organized a “Recession Lunch” at the office for the A.I. crew.  For a week no one knew what exactly was going on – she was being very sneaky.  We knew there was going to be a big group lunch;  we had to bring in one place-setting from our homes for the table and 12 placemats were made at Kinko’s of the spring photo-contest winners’ images.  Monday afternoon, the day before the lunch, Colette asked us all to bring in fresh flowers from our gardens for the table.  Aside from that, we were kept in the dark.

Tuesday morning the conference room was magically transformed into a colorful and eclectic banquet hall.  Each place-setting was different, the cloth napkins were folded and arranged, flowers lined the center of the table.  Oh, yeah, and the professional chefs were setting up in the back office.

Greg and Michelle Baker of Cooks & Company created a gourmet meal with arugula salad, steak or salmon with asparagus and gnocchi, and a special chocolate cinnamon mousse with a toffee bar and strawberry.  Champagne and fruit-infused iced tea was also on the table.

Greg and Michelle prepared everything in our tiny back office while stepping over the all-too-curious office dogs, Leica and Sky.  Greg grilled everything on our ancient Webber grill that has been in the backyard forever and Michelle served everyone in the conference/banquet room while, of course, stepping over dogs.  Working in close-quarters with only a charcoal grill, they prepared the most amazing meal.

Aside from being gourmet chefs, Greg and Michelle are also food critics.  They were so impressed with how everything came together that they are going to feature our little “Recession Lunch” in their next article for the local newspaper.  Congratulations Aerial Innovations!!!

Spring Photo Contest

It’s that time of year again. The weather is heating up, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, college students from around the country are flocking to our beaches . . . It’s Springtime!!! And, for those of us in the Tampa office, it’s also a perfect reason for another photo contest! We had a springtime theme and a month to create spring-ish images.

Jenny B. got first place with her macro series of three flowers shot on a light box. Laura’s photos from the North Georgia mountains near the Chattahoochee River came in second and third. The next contest has already been announced. The theme is “Red”.  This should be fun!

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Goats

Happy Holidays from the Aerial Innovations Tampa Crew! We’re busy little fly-elves this season. We had a photo contest to design our Holiday card and Tacy Briggs won first place. Coming in a close second is Amanda Rigby and Jenny Brockwell who tied. Tacy’s image became our card. We made laser copies of Amanda’s and Jenny B’s photos and they are being sent out with all the December projects.

Instead of giving out candy this year, we’re “going green” and delivering festive bags of tangerines and red and green apples to our local clients. We don’t want any tooth-aches for the Holidays!

Instead of giving gifts to each other in the office, we’re giving the gift of a goat to a needy family in a poor country. We collected money in our office and are donating it to Heifer International, a charitable organization that purchases farm animals such as goats, sheep, ducks, cows, llamas, rabbits and chickens. They give them to families in need who then use their milk, eggs, wool or meat. Please stop by www.heifer.org to see what a wonderful organization this is!

Happy Holidays from Aerial Innovations, Tampa!

Aerial Innovations of Georgia Covered!

apm_ganovdec08_cover2Aerial Innovations of Georgia is excited to have the cover shot of Auto Pilot magazine for the Georgia November/December issue. The photograph features our pilot Ron Carroll and Sonny Perdue, the Governer of Georgia.

We also have additional photos accompanying the feature story about Ron and his company, Blue Ridge Helicopters. There is a double spread photo of Ron and Sadie, his Blue Heeler Australian Caddle dog……..We believe she stole the show!! Check it out if you get a chance.

Ron and Sadie

Ron and Sadie