Getting Published…

…every photographer’s dream!  It is so easy to do now with online resources that give you free software, support, print the book and make it available on line for purchase.  Many of the publishing companies are also starting to make their printing profiles available so you can really control the final look of the images.

We have stuck our toe into these publishing waters and like what we see.  It’s a great way to present so many kinds of photography.  In our business that can be progress photos over the course of a project, ground and aerial photos, creative images for portfolios or just for fun….like two hundred pages of one project! (see Summer Icon post)

Our latest brainstorm is a book celebrating several projects from this year’s ABC Excellence in Construction Awards (Middle Tennessee Chapter). Several of our clients have won in the past (maybe thanks to some of our images…??) so we got a sneak peak at the winners list and compiled a book showcasing their work as captured by our photographers. To view this book, you may visit our profile on blurb.  There you can see the first 15 pages and even order the book directly from us.  Stay tuned as we fill up our book store with…books!

Vanderbilt Project BookVanderbilt Project Book

Vanderbilt Project Book - Inside

Vanderbilt Project Book - Inside