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Our name, Aerial Innovations, can be deceiving. While we do specialize in aerial photography, whether from a plane, helicopter or drone, we also take a TON of shots at the ground level. Primarily these shoots are for in-progress buildings and construction sites. We frequently are hired to track the progress of construction projects from the foundation on up.

We have a great deal of experience telling the stories of our client’s projects (and staying safe on construction sites!). Most of the time we just try to stay out of the way and let the buildings speak for themselves. When taking the final ground photos (the photos of the finished building) we are flies on the walls, using natural lighting, clean angles, and spacial awareness to get the best shots. We continue our minimal meddling in post-production, where we add very few effects/edits to ensure that we most accurately represent the space.

When we shoot, we have a couple of favorite cameras that we like to keep at the ready, but on our most recent shoot we only used the Canon 5D Mark II – EP 24-105mm and the FujiFilm XT10. The Canon 5D is awesome because of the auto ISO function (which allows us to easily switch between indoors, outdoors, and shadows) and the attention to detail. The FujiFilm is a great camera because it is super light and sturdy. There are no mirrors used in this camera, and it has a vintage feel … but with wi-fi. Both of these cameras enable us to take a journalistic approach to our photography.

Recently we took a trip to the site of the new Tennessee State Museum to shoot the laying of the first stone. We are so excited about this museum! There’s something about following a project all the way to the end with a camera in hand that makes us feel like a real member of the team (and in this case, the community).

Telling the story of a building is a unique privilege… obviously we can (and do!) handle some of the broader strokes from the air, but we are able to really exercise our narrative skills on the ground level. This makes us feel like a photography infantry and enables us to get down and dirty with interior shots, shots of the workers and unique angles that show the buildings in all their architectural glory. It’s where we really flex our photojournalistic muscles–telling the behind the scenes stories of iconic buildings from start to finish.

At Aerial Innovations, we’re proud members of the Tennessee community and look forward to having it well-represented by a state museum, heck, we’re even learning things in the process.


*Big thanks for Turner Construction for having us out to photograph your progress!

We Shot The Photographers

Another painful time in every photographer’s life…getting their head shots done! There are reasons we like to stay behind the camera. But, it’s a great way to introduce our newest team member, Jessi Braswell. She will be on the front lines with our clients helping them accomplish their imaging needs.

We had a fun time behind the scenes taking each other’s head shots and, because we are photographers,  we can do them pretty well. See the final products below and view our behind the scenes video. Enjoy the rest of this snow day and remember, be sure to update your head shots at least every 10 years whether you need it or not.

Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander

Aerial Innovations of TN & KY

Meet the photographers and support team at Aerial Innovations of TN & KY

Meet the photographers and support team at Aerial Innovations of TN & KY Above – Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander


Rick Smith Photographer


Jessi Braswell – Account Manager


Tiffany Holmes – Production, Photographer


Luke Wendell – Accounting & Office Support


Ron Coons – Videographer and Photographer

So Long 2014….Hello 2015! Please Bring the Sun Back

Another year has come to a close, they go by so quickly!! Especially when you are having fun. To say goodbye to another year is sad yet hopeful. We are always sad to see our projects grow up and leave us but all construction must come to an end (except road construction!) The views from above this past month have been a little on the drab side, I think we had only 4 days of sun in December and that was either on a Holiday or a weekend. But our photographers managed to pull out some very beautiful images of the landscape, Air force One plus lots of great construction shots (which look good with the great soft box in the sky.)

We hope your year was as fantastic as ours. Please enjoy our updated 2014 gallery of our best images. As always, thanks to our wonderful clients, pilots, vendors, friends and fans for giving us such great material. See you in 2015!! (I’m talking to you, Mr. Sun…what have we done? We promise to appreciate your warm rays all year, please come back!!)

Wendy Whittemore

Flight Commander – Aerial Innovations of TN & KY

Best of 2014 Images

Best of 2014 Images

ARS122614_165 ARS123014_068 ATClouds100914_523 ATHairplane111114_001 ATHchurch112514_334 ATHsunraysfield121014_989 AWWBelmont110314_116

Shop Small & Fly Through the Holidays

We are a small business like many and you probably didn’t know that you can buy great gifts from us online! That is why we are asking you to support us for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. We have wonderful images that can be made into great wall art or put on items like mugs and calendars. Our images range from creative abstracts to aviation to city skylines and well known stadiums. For more info, visit our web page that will tell you all about it. Thanks!! We appreciate your support!

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Our Best Images of 3Q2014

We love to show off our best images every quarter. These past few months have been quite eventful for us photographically (new buildings opening, bridges getting blown up, beautiful sunrise and twilight shoots, a magnificent soccer facility…and more!) See some of our pics below and be sure to visit our main gallery for all our best pics. Oh, and almost forgot,  the most beautiful landscape in the world, our own Tennessee Rivers. Who has the best job? (lucky you get to come along.) Enjoy!

Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander

Aerial Innovations of TN, KY


View of Nashville from the new Acme Feed & Seed on Broadway


Our flying companion


Beautiful Tennessee Rivers


New Belmont Academic Building


Sometimes they build, sometimes they blow it up. Paducah, KY


Luck sometimes has something to do with it


Classic Memphis, Mississippi River


They scored a Goal on this one! What a unique facility


Ground Twilight in the Gulch

The Rise of the Drone

This weekend the FAA made progress on its deadline of regulating drones or UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) for commercial use. They have certified 2 fixed wing drone systems, Insitu’s Scan Eagle X200 and Aero Vironment’s PUMA. With a long way to go until the 2015 deadline of “opening the skies to drones” there are still a lot of questions to answer in regards to safety, airspace, operator licensing, insurance and use. And although 2015 seems close, the US is still far behind most of the world including Canada and the UK with allowing this technology to take off. 

There is a lot of misinformation and speculation surrounding the rise of the drone. As the owner of an aerial photography company, I am often asked about drones. Questions focus mainly on how it will affect the professional aerial photography business. Most assume we see them as a threat, that everyone will own a drone and there will be no use for a company to provide this service.

Our industry was once thought to be dying when everyone became a photographer with accessible digital photography tools and google earth which provided aerial images for free! In both cases, the technology increased our efficiency, gave us more control and created more of a demand for our services. Upon its invention in the late 1800s photography itself was seen as a threat to fine art and professional photographers cried foul when Kodak released easy to use cameras to the mass public early in the 1900s. And yet, photography has only become more amazing with each advance.

Will the professional aerial photography business survive this new technology? It will all depend on a company’s professionalism, adaptability and the quality of photography they are able to provide. The keyword is “business” and if there is a strong foundation of relationships, systems and quality, survival is guaranteed.

Wendy Whittemore

Owner – Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.

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Everyone Loves a Winner!

We are so proud and honored to be named the 2013 Supplier of the Year for the AGC Middle TN Branch. There was some stiff competition so an award well deserved. Many people are asking…”What is a supplier?” Well, we don’t do contract work on construction sites (that is for the big-boys) so we are in the supplier category, supplying images of course! View our promo video below and check out the fantastic images from the evening…taken by us, of course!! No rest for the winners!


Best Photos of 2012

Towards the end of 2012 & the beginning of 2013, we are busy (like everyone) setting up new files, archiving old ones and also trying to take some time off. When we get a chance, we like to go through our year and remember the projects that we have worked on, the people we have worked with and all of the great vistas that come with the job. Here are a few galleries with those images…looking forward to sharing more in 2013!


Flying is Fun! – link to see more of us in action

UT Computer Lab

UT Computer Lab – link to see other projects

Lake Patterns - link to see more of our Best of 2012

Lake Patterns – link to see more of our Best of 2012