What do you care about?

The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.Simon Sinek

In the photography industry, the battle for price has been a savage war lately. In the film days, you had to hire a professional because the process was complicated. Being a hobbyist was cost prohibitive. Pros could also make extra money selling stock because there was only one negative. Now, with better & cheaper technology, the image count has risen quickly and the war is starting to take its toll on many professionals.

We have found that more than the lowest price drives our client’s decisions. Often, they could get it cheaper or do it themselves but they see value in the service that professionals provide. In talking to our clients about why they value our service, we mostly hear about our reliability, quality & personability.

  • Reliability – with a team of photographers and a proven system, we have options in case plan A, B & C all fall through. And that matters when clients are on a deadline.
  • Quality – Yes, the camera still matters as does post-production and our clients know it. People still hire professionals because of their training and practice.
  • Person-ability – Being nice these days is a bonus in any industry. For too long, photographers got a bad rap because of bad attitudes. Treat clients right, and the price will be a secondary factor.

What do your clients care about? Are you giving them more than price?



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