Last Flight Out!

We always feel a little sad when we have to say goodbye to one of our team members. This week, Tiffany is leaving us to follow her family and her faith to Georgia. She has been our rock-star in production, making sure everything looks the best it can be and gets out the door quickly. We wish her the best in her endeavors and look forward to seeing her soar in her new phase of life.

As the saying goes, a door closes but a window opens. And we welcome Alyssa back through our open window (well, we let her use the door mostly ). You may remember Alyssa, she was with us a couple of summers ago to help out in production. She is back up to speed and working on images like a champ. We are excited to have her back and are very grateful that she is recalling her earlier training.

Say hello to Alyssa when you hear from her and help us in wishing Tiffany all the best. Here are some photos from Tiffany’s last flight and Alyssa’s first in the R44 with Helistar Aviation…looks like a chilly one!

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