Fall is the Best

Every season has its fans and things we love but at Aerial Innovations, we love fall best of all. For lots of reasons not including pumpkin spice (but that is one of them.)

We love it for early sunsets!! wait, what?? you hate getting out of work at 5 pm and it’s dark? Well, for us, it means skylines are lit up at twilight and make for beautiful images like the one below taken last fall. When it’s June, by the time the sunsets everyone is at home and the city is dark

Drone image of mid-town Nashville at twilight. Photo by Aerial Innovations of TN.

We love fall colors! Who doesn’t…except maybe those out raking leaves. When we get to fly over the Smokies or our own little Radnor Lake, the eye candy goes on and on and on. It’s these flights that make the hot summers, cold winters and bleak spring landscapes all worth it. 


And we love the holidays! We are so thankful for the great projects we get to shoot for our faithful clients. Every year feels like it speeds up from January to December but now, in November, we take a breath and relax and just be Thankful. 

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