SkySupplies: A Creative Eye

Every photographer’s dream is to have the perfect light and situation to create stunning images. Since we can not control the sun…or the weather….or what time of day we shoot most of the times, it’s rare that we get to fully flex our creative passions. Oh, we use our creative eye on everything we do but it’s much different when we are hired to document an event as opposed to document and have access to creative tools like sunrises, fog and a set as interesting as one we had the other week.

Rick was asked to shoot for client, R.C. Mathews Contractors on their final concrete pour at Belmont University. Luckily for Rick, it was at sunrise. Also lucky for Rick, there was a gorgeous set, incoming fog from the sunrise and a willing client who loves it when we get our creative juices flowing. The results from this mix of freedom and circumstance are no less than our most artistic work.

The frame of the building creates lines that draw the viewer in, the fog and light create mystery and allow the viewer to imagine another world above the city, and finally, the choices that the photographer makes are his own based on years of experience and “seeing” how the camera can process the scene.

At Aerial Innovations of TN, one of our most important “SkySupplies” is our creative eye. In most of our past posts, we showed our photographers in action. In this post, we’ll look through Rick’s creative eye to see the spectacular images he created that morning. You can catch more of our creative work on our Instagram Account, which is curated by Rick Smith.

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