drone myth – flying a drone is easy

easy can be defined in two parts:  “achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties” the first part is probably the part we gravitate towards, without great effort. and drones can be flown without great effort….but they also present a few difficulties. it’s this second part we may dismiss. but anything that can present difficulties can not be defined as “easy”.

drone myth – flying a drone is easy

the deception in the sentence above is that it only entails “flying”. yes! the flying of the drone is easy. it’s all the other parts of operating drones that can be difficult. i have broken down the entire process into 5 difficult yet key skills to master:

  • the actual operation of the drone including preparation & flying
  • understanding aviation regulations including airspace and self control
  • camera operations for still images including settings & composition
  • camera operations and movements for video including smooth movements & stellar communication with your pilot
  • post production on images including image management & video editing.

phew! that. does. not. seem. easy. we have overcome this by focusing on the strengths of each of our contractors. the pilot flies, the camera man operators, the editor…well…edits.

for drone operators do you need to be proficient in all these key areas? no, and no one can really do these all well. so how do you master this technology? through partnerships. we know what we are all good at and team with people that enhance our weaknesses. drones are a team sport. and that is the best part of flying.

Construction site progress photo taken at twilight in downtown Nashville, TN. Image by Aerial Innovations of TN.



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