In the Shadow of the Moon

Yesterday, the team at Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc. witnessed a rare event; a total eclipse of the sun. In the weeks leading up to Aug 21, 1:27 pm, several of us grew ecstatic, while others, a little more skeptical, read up and got educated about what we were going to see. And since we are photographers, how we were going to photograph what we saw.

On the day of the eclipse, we were scattered around the path of totality. Some of us went north of Nashville for a few more seconds of awe. We had two photographers along the skyline of Nashville with crowds yelling out in amazement. And some of us took to our own backyards to enjoy with family & friends.

We hope you had a great American eclipse like we did. Please enjoy the images below and stay tuned on our social media accounts for videos, time-lapses and more!

Images below by Tiffany Holmes (upper left), Rick Smith (top right & bottom right), Wendy Whittemore (bottom left) and Bonnie Whittemore (she got cake!) 

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