Our Summer Sizzle Reel

This past week we released the Showcase Reel from our recent shoot with the DJI Inspire 2. It was the first time we put the new drone through it’s paces and boy, was it a workhorse!! It was a great opportunity to hire our own company to do the work with great new gear. With a 20 megapixel camera, 2 batteries and numerous intelligent flight modes, this is the drone we have been waiting for.

The upgrades to the Inspire 2 solve a lot of problems we were struggling with. Mainly, how do we compete with full size DSLRs and the quality they produce? The answer is the Zenmuse X5s lens. Another problem was time. How do we create epic shots when we are continually worried about battery life? The Inspire 2 works on 2 full batteries and has a flight time of over 20 minutes on most days. Another issue many camera operators dealt with on the Inspire 1 was a lost link to the video. DJI has upgraded to a Lightbridge 2 platform and the problem is solved.

It was a fun day and an epic shoot. Stay tuned for additional behind the scenes footage, but for now, enjoy this summer time fun time reel!

Click here to view the entire Showcase Reel 

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