Nothing Could Be Easier

Do you ever watch someone do something that looks easy but you know how difficult it is? Is there someone in your life that you know will just “handle” it no matter how complex the task? Those are the people we want to work with AND that is the kind of company we want to be. Nothing can derail your day like, “I can’t possibly do that, it’s too (difficult, fast, boring, long….you name it!)

  • Wendy and the rest of the AI team are so easy to work with and always accommodate our special requests or tight time frames. Their images turn out great every time! Natalie Hamilton, Brasfield & Gorrie, Senior Marketing Coordinator

We ask a lot of our photographers, pilots and vendors but they always deliver. A pilot will have our aircraft ready to go, our photographers anticipate delays and communicate quickly to keep the project on track and our office can handle every crazy request you can throw at them (except loops, we can’t do loop-de-loops…or time travel…yet).

Here are three ways to get it done!

  1. Do your homework! plan, rehearse, prepare, anticipate…anything can go wrong
  2. Communicate! know who needs to know and keep them informed
  3. Follow Through! you think your done but are you? nothing is worse than loose ends

For this project, our client asked us to do a very quick turnaround on some interior images. They had barely finished doing the final clean and in two days they were moving in! We met and worked around some holiday decor and construction items to provide quality images. We were excited to show off our full range on this project; aerial progress on our helicopter route, final interior and exterior ground images and some beautiful twilight images from our Inspire 1 Drone.



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