Is This Work?

It’s been said, do what you love and you’ll love what you do. Well, what if you also love WHO you do it for? We really enjoy our clients, not because they are clients but because they care about their work they are building and are proud of it. We get it.

When we take on a project for any client to photograph, we make it our own. We love to see it grow and become a building or an apartment or, yes, even a waste water treatment plant. And to visit these places on the ground WITH our lovely clients? Even better. From start to finish, we are engaged and aware of the work our client’s expect.

Three ways to love what you do?

  1. Whatever the job, be passionate about it!
  2. If you don’t like your clients, you won’t like your work. Find people you enjoy
  3. When it becomes “work”, it may be time to reassess your passion

Here are some shots from us loving our clients and loving our work. With Lee Company out and about around town. We make it easy for Lee Company by offering them mutiple products including stock images, interior images upon completion, progress shots and here…a little behind the scenes of their big new marketing campaigns.


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