Simple Ways To Get Images Online

Being mobile has advantages and disadvantages. You can be anywhere and get your work done. But what if you want to access your images while you are working remotely? In the past, we had to be in the office to do any type of work with images or use a portable drive. But with online tools, we have created several ways to access images while away from the office.

  1. Dropbox is a file system in the cloud. Any file you can put on your computer, you can upload to dropbox and download it somewhere else. It’s so easy, some people have a hard time figuring it out! I upload all of the images I want to use for upcoming marketing so I can create blog or social media posts on the fly.
  2. Zenfolio is a web site for photographers but anyone can create an account and it’s not very expensive. You can make galleries public or private, create passwords and sell/buy prints. I have galleries that are private that I cache images or I use our large stock library to download from when I need an image.
  3. Photo editing apps are a great way to turn your mobile photos into marketing ready images. Of course, we always recommend NOT using your phone for professional images, it can be great to use for event photos, people working or anything you want to take on the fly. We use Photoshop Express and Prisma which does cool effects.

Work is so fluid these days and across so many devices. Set up a few programs to make your images work for you. Happy Posting!


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