Summer Funnin’

We’ve mentioned that we love our jobs, right? This summer is no exception. We have been funnin’ it up (yes, I made that word up, it’s that kind of summer)  and haven’t had much time for the blog, so we thought we’d check in and share some of the stuff we have been UP to…ha!

Below are some images from our flights, ground shoots and drone videos that we have been busy working on for our clients. We have been to the far reaches of Tennessee on our summer Drone Tour and we aren’t done yet. One of our projects coming up will be a tour of our very own East Nashville!

Hope you enjoy the photos and are having your own summer fun!

Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander
Aerial Innovations TN.KY.AL

Flying over other people having summer fun. Rick shot this on his last flight around Nashville


And here is Rick! Not sure how he coordinated with Johnny to get this great shot.


A gathering of the AEC Power Women to learn about drones and try their hand at the controls.


On a ground shoot for a client at Bonnaroo!  We never know where we will go next.


Todd with Aviation Specialists and Paul over Chattanooga. We can’t do this without our pilots!!


When a client has a huge concrete pour, Johnny gets to set up the timelapse through the night….the looong night. Video to come


A little drone work over Thompson’s Station, TN. We love the caboose


We’ve droned on in Crab Orchard, Thompson’s Station, UT #GBO, Broadway, Cumberland River and Bonnaroo all without leaving the ground.

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