Take it till you Make it

This year, my camera will be put to use…at least that is unless I forget it. See, every working photographer struggles with making images in their free time. And I stress the term making as opposed to taking.

I can take photos all day long. “Here is my sandwich, here I am with friends at the restaurant, here (in this instance) is my house in snow.” When you take an image you are making a record of it. In our company, we actually spend a lot of time just taking images as we are documenting work in progress.

When you make an image, you are using your experience to move your body and your mind to a location where everything falls into place. You pay attention more to what is in the frame, what is the story I am telling, what can I make in this place and of this subject. There is not much difference physically; same camera, same location, same settings even. Just a different way of looking. I did these two images from the same spot but big difference.

Get out and make images.

Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander



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