30 Days of Memphis

Cloud Break, Memphis

Cloud Break, Memphis

We are pleased to be celebrating our 12th anniversary this year with a retrospective photography show. In conjunction with A2H Architect’s Gallery in Lakeland, TN, “The Photographers of Aerial Innovations” will be on display through Aug 1, 2015. All images are taken from above it all (!) around Memphis and West TN, North MS and Eastern Arkansas. The evening of June 6th will showcase singer songwriter Mark Edgar Stuart at 7:30 PM. The photography show will open officially on June 26th with an event from 6pm-8pm at the offices of A2H.

Contact Information for A2H Architects

The photographers of Aerial Innovations have spent the last 12 years documenting construction and development throughout Tennessee & Kentucky. In between the assignments, a vast and intricate landscape lines their flight path. Like a travelogue, they capture interesting angles, abstract landscapes and farm land as well as landmarks, skylines and detailed shots of the workings of industry from above.

Wendy Whittemore, Owner and Founder of Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc. comments

“The landscapes of Western TN can seem very two dimensional from the ground but take off from any small airport in the area and you will quickly have a very vibrate view out your window. My eyes have been drawn to the patterns that we make on the land; the rail lines, the river barges, a field in fall that glows with gold.  I never tire of looking out the window for interesting and transforming patterns. The photographers I work with are all drawn towards different aesthetics, from the metallic sheen and beautiful colors of a holding reservoir to the simple straight line of a brown field separated from a green field.

The enjoyment (aside from flying which is a thrill!) is in finding treasure in your camera once you are on the ground. We are shooting at 80 miles an hour so may not always know what we have captured. Upon much further investigation, small connections are made. Like the plume of dust coming from a farmer while he harvests or the detailed closeup of rail lines and bridges. ”

Please follow us on Social Media to keep up with our #30days of #memphis campaign. And keep your head in the clouds!

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