Springtime in Kentucky

We can finally say it….it’s Spring!! After this winter we have been through, I think we all deserve a pat on the back. So many of our coverage areas saw a brutal winter including Atlanta, Alabama and particularly Kentucky. I don’t think we saw the ground for 3 months with all that snow.

It was with great delight that we got a chance to enjoy some of the best springtime activites in Kentucky this past week; horse racing & bourbon. Sharon and Wendy joined SMPS at Keeneland for a Day at the Races. It was fun meeting new people and catching up with clients & friends. We did not do to well with betting but we brought some luck to the four horse in the first race, he and we were all wearing yellow.

That same evening, we joined AGC of Kentucky for the Build Kentucky awards. Another great time catching up with clients and meeting new friends. All the awards were well deserved (although maybe next year there will be more aerials? we hope.) Congrats to all of the winners including Alliance, Messer, M&M Services, Congelton-Hacker, Gray Construction, Branscum & Trace Creek. We look forward to seeing the next round of projects.

We hope everyone gets a chance to truly enjoy this springtime…cause you know what is right around the corner, right? I won’t even say it..but get your AC checked just the same. Cheers!

Wendy Whittemore

Flight Commander

Aerial Innovations of TN & KY

photo-19 photo-11 photo-10 photo-9 photo-7 photo-6 photo-5 photo-4

Great Adventures in Lexington this past week.

Great Adventures in Lexington this past week.




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