Welcome to The Big House

Well, it’s been almost a year since we have blogged about Music City Center, the new Nashville Convention Center we affectionately call The Big House. And it is big! There are plenty of comparative facts out there but here is the true size of the project as stated on the official web site. And, you can fit a bunch of football fields in there, just for the record.

Our fact of the moment on MCC; we have taken over 16,500 photos of the site. Ground, air, inside, outside, time lapse, video…you name it. To manage all of these images, we are hosting an MCC Pictures Web Site where you can view just a few of the selections. We are updating this monthly so check back often.

And your final question, why are we taking all of these photos? Well, I am glad you asked! Because in the spring, we will be publishing a coffee table book documenting the construction of this iconic project. The book will contain just a sampling of the images we have taken, but they will be the best ones. Below are a few that might make the cut. Until then, stay tuned for more photos as final completion looms near!!

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