A photo site even WE get excited about!

Never has a product (besides the Digital Camera, Photoshop & Lightroom) created such a transformation in our workflow. Zenfolio is an online web gallery that allows us to change several ways in which we deliver our product. There are many online outlets for photography and we have tried a few (hosting sites for stock, FTP for transferring files, social media sites, web sites) but Zenfolio offers the flexibility & volume which we need. Here are a few examples we have already incorporated into our business:

Example Galleries: Want to know what are capabilities are? Browse here and you will get a pretty good idea of our past work. Normally, there are too many images to put on a web site and they become outdated quickly. Now, we can keep a current portfolio going to better promote our services.

Feature Galleries: Sometimes, it takes more than one image to capture a project or company. In our feature galleries, we will be highlighting key projects and companies we have the privilege of working with. This allows us to share images that truly capture what goes into a project. We have also set up galleries for the organization Rebuilding Together Nashville and for the East Nashville Tomato Art Festival.

Events: We love to get out and cover construction industry events. It gives us a chance to participate and meet people in a more relaxed atmosphere. Normally, we would deliver a CD to the host of the event who would then distribute the images. Now, images are available on line for sharing through social media or for purchase.

Client Delivery: Web Galleries are a great secure way to transfer multiple images to our clients. Normally, we would use several emails to accomplish this. Now, we can set up a gallery, create an archive of past images and send one notification to a client soon after shooting.

Stock Images: We have spent over 7 years documenting your projects. Want to see images for viewing? Let us know the project and we will create a gallery where you can view images, share with others on your team and purchase for display or marketing use. Cool, huh?

Creative Images: Our monthly flights take us over some amazing visuals. We have a collection of creative images that we enjoy viewing and have posted these on Stock Sites in the past. Now, we are creating a catalog of these images. They are stunning and we are looking forward to sharing these.

Aerial Innovations Web Gallery…Connect, Browse & Enjoy!

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