Summer Icon

So, we don’t have our list of fun summer activities ready yet…still having fun, I guess! In the meantime, how about a summer project? Just like school days and summer reading, this is summer photography. Here in Nashville we have a mega project of sorts called Icon in the Gulch. It’s pretty cool, maybe small for ATL or FLA but up here it’s pretty’s got two swimming pools!

Since summer of 2006, we have been providing aerial progress as well as capturing key events of the project for Choate Construction. Now that the final interiors and aerials are scheduled, it’s time for the real work to begin…the project book!

We have found a great layout artist and book publisher (blurb) that puts out these fantastic books. At the moment, I am sorting through over 450 images (those are the good and best images!) to find some semblance of meaning. If you wish to track my progress over the next few weeks, I am going to be posting some of the images on my personal blog, fotofile.

Here is the lead candidate for the book cover:

Written by Wendy Whittemore, Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.

Icon in the Gulch

Icon in the Gulch

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