What do you do if you are the grand-daughter of an aerial photographer…….

……Jump of course!!

My name is Pat and I am a member of the Aerial Innovations of Georgia Team. Sunday, July 20 was my grand-daughter, Lauren’s, 20th. birthday. Cake?  Ice Cream? Candles? Everyone singing Happy Birthday? No, not what my grandchild wants.

Understand that this child (she hates when I call her that) has never been in a small plane before. So we are off the the airport in Cedertown, Georgia. But flying in a plane is not enouth. A student at Mercer University, she saved her tip money from a part time job so she can JUMP out of a plane. As she is harnessed up to go tandem with Ted, her instructor from Atlanta Skydiving Center, her dad, Ron, is pacing with his hands on his head, her mom, Robin, is quiet with somewhat of a smile on her face. But grandma…. that’s another story! “You go girl!”  

With all of us on the ground, we heard the plane, then noticed little white dots in the air, you can hear the drag chutes flutter in the air, then larger colorful dots. When they came into view there they were floating and twirling at the end of this huge parachute. We watched as others came in, first the camera guys, then the other divers- some tamdem, some solo. Some landed with their backsides scooting along the ground (explains the torn back pockets on their clothes), a couple on their stomachs, that looked like it hurt. Lauren and Ted were on their way in…. made a wide circle to pick up speed. The flapping and woosh sounds like Batman. They land standing, perfect landing. Ok, she is hooked, the look on her face when they landed was pure joy. Much better than blowing out candles. She kept saying “That was awsome”, Ted tells her she was “awsome”

She is ready to take the 6 hour course and jump solo. Ted thought it would be cool if three generations jumped. I am ready, lets go!! Robin is not to sure, maybe another day.

Lauren has a list of things she wants to do, and I am very proud of her for going for those things. We all have things on our list and just never get around to them. Now if I can just get a camera in HER hand…

One thought on “What do you do if you are the grand-daughter of an aerial photographer…….

  1. Oh my gosh! That looks like so much FUN! Lauren looks like she’s ready to go pro 🙂 Happy Birthday to her – It’s going to be tough to top that next year 🙂
    Great photos!


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